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Legal Aid Mackay

Legal aid Mackay is payment by the State of your legal costs in Mackay court. It is intended for people who want to assert their rights in Mackay court but have limited resources. Assistance may be granted to you if you meet the required conditions, regardless of your position in the legal proceedings. Thus, you may be entitled to it as a civil party, witness, assisted witnesses, accused, accused, indicted, convicted, etc.


Mackay Legal aid is granted to you if you meet the following three conditions:

  • Your resources are below a cap
  • The envisaged legal action is not inadmissible or unfounded
  • You do not have legal expenses insurance covering the costs

To request legal assistance in civil matters, it is necessary to submit a specific application (so-called application for admission) to the Council of the Bar Association of the place where the trial takes place. The application can be presented personally by the applicant or his solicitors or sent by a registered letter with a return receipt. The signature affixed by the applicant to the application must be authenticated by the applicant’s solicitor Mackay or by the person concerned himself through self-certification according to the procedures provided.

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In the criminal case, however, the application must be presented to the Mackay courthouse office before which the trial is pending. The adjustment is generally established with a specific decree published in the Official Gazette.


Receive financial help from one to another person or are single with dependent children, and their assessable assets are more than $1880.It should be noted that to determine this limit, the income of all members who are part of the same household as the applicant must be taken into account; the calculation also includes tax-free income and income for which a substitute tax is envisaged. In the case of Mackay’s legal aid, the income limit is high of $930 for each of the family members living together.Legal Aid Mackay


Not more than ten days after applying, both for civil and criminal legal aid in Mackay Solicitors Courthouse. Within this period, the Council of the Bar Association, or the Family law court Brisbane Prosecutor’s Office, having verified the admissibility of the application, will admit the applicant and will send him a copy of the admission decision.

The income of other family members is taken into account if the subject of the case concerns the so-called rights of the personality or when the interests of the applicant are in contrast with those of other family members.

In all these cases, only the applicant’s income will be taken into account for admission. Not all Solicitor Mackay is available for this service; the declaration of availability is voluntary and is presented by the lawyer to the Bar Association to which he belongs.

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For this purpose, all the Orders make available to citizens a list of Solicitors who have given their availability. This list can be consulted at the respective offices or published online on various websites.

The citizen of Mackay lawyers, who applies has complete autonomy in choosing the solicitor Mackay who will protect him, provided that he is registered in the list of solicitors available for free legal aid in the Lawyers Mackay courthouse. In the criminal trial, the interested party can ask to be admitted to free legal assistance Mackay solicitors when he is investigated, convicted accused, or even a person offended by a crime, damaged who intends to become a civil party, civilly liable or civilly liable for the pecuniary penalty; Similarly, it is possible to be admitted to free legal aid for civil, administrative, accounting, tax judgments and in cases of voluntary jurisdiction (e.g., consensual separation, divorce on a joint application, modification of the conditions of separation, etc.) as long as the issues are not manifestly unfounded. 

Those who intend to interrupt the marital relationship can benefit from free legal aid Mackay even in consensual separation and joint divorce. The requirements and procedures for applying are the same as for civil cases in Lawyers Mackay court.


The application is rejected either by the Council of the Order of Solicitor Mackay with territorial jurisdiction in civil, administrative, accounting, tax, and voluntary judgments or by the magistrate before the criminal trial is pending. If during the trial, the person who has already been admitted to legal aid exceeds the income limit imposed by law, the benefit of legal aid can be revoked.

In Mackay court, there are no limits to the number of times a citizen can take advantage of this institution, as long as all the requirements for admission are met each time. Legal aid Mackay solicitors can be requested at any level of the Mackay court. In this case, the solicitors, in addition to being registered in the lists of Mackay solicitors available for free legal aid, must also be legal representative in the Family Law Court Brisbane.

In this case, the citizen who requests mediation will not have to pay any compensation to the Conciliation Body. However, it should be borne in mind that, with current legislation, legal aid does not cover the attorney’s fees. It may happen that those who have been admitted to free legal assistance in a given period, having the requisites, change their income situation (for example, an unemployed person who finds work) exceeding the income limit allowed for admission.


By the Mackay law, which is required to communicate the changes in income within 30 days from the annual recurrence of the submission of the application or the communication of the previous change, loses the right to take advantage of free legal aid.

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Conversely, in unfavourable economic conditions, such as the loss of work or the removal of a member of the family who contributed to the total income, the person concerned has the right to request free legal aid at any stage of the process. 

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