Protecting Children’s Privacy

Children face a serious problem with the introduction of technology into our daily lives. When it comes to online privacy, there are many issues that we all are facing. The internet is a massive ocean of knowledge about numerous things. It’s a magical and wonderful place full of interesting content (*like this blog post). Sadly […]

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Top 10 Family Law Questions in Mackay

We deliver to you the Top 10 Family Law Questions asked to us by our clients in Mackay. 1. What is a Legal Separation and Divorce? A Legal Separation or Divorce is a legal recognition for the conclusion of your marriage. You gain a Divorce if your marriage has broken down irretrievably and you’ve been […]

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How to Parent From A Distance in 2019

Divorce, separation, and work mean that many parents don’t get to see and hug their kids as much as they would like to. If you can’t move closer to your children, there are still lots of ways to stay involved but you must know How to Parent From A Distance. Show your ex-partner you appreciate […]

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How To Keep Contact Alive Between You & Your Child

Keep contact alive: I realise I don’t know my kids as well as I thought! Separation often means you have to parent one-on-one for the first time and need a plan to keep contact alive. This can be a major challenge! At the same time, it is a new chance to get to know your […]

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When is Child Support Applicable and What Does It Cover?

The financial wellbeing of the children is always of the highest consideration when couples separate or divorce. If one parent has custody of the children, for the most part, that doesn’t mean the other parent is no longer obligated to offer financial assistance for the expenses of the children. So what things does child support […]

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