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20 Nov 2018

The parenting decision-making checklist

This is a list of decisions you may need to make with the other parent. Considering these will make life easier for you and your children. Be flexible and keep your child’s interests in mind. The following is a checklist of possible matters you might want to consider as you construct a parenting decision checklist. Agree on the easy things first and return to the hard ones later. Good luck! Where will the children live? ‰ Weekdays ‰ Weekends ‰ Nights/days ‰ Public holidays ‰ During school terms ‰ During school holidays ‰ Over Christmas and other special days ‰...
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4 Oct 2018

Take Care After Separation and Divorce

Taking Care of yourself after Separation and Divorce. Major changes in relationships, such as separation and divorce can be a trigger for depression after...
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27 Aug 2018

When is Child Support Applicable and What Does It Cover?

The financial well-being of the children is always of the highest consideration when couples separate or divorce. If one parent has custody of the...
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