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3 May 2024

Conducting Sole Parental Responsibilities in Mackay, Australia: A Professional’s Guide

As a family lawyer based in Mackay, Australia, we frequently handle cases involving sole parental responsibility. Recognising sole parenthood's definition and legal implications is critical, especially within Australian law. This article aims to answer your inquiry, "What does sole parental responsibility mean?" by discussing the topic's definition and other pertinent elements. Sole Parent Meaning According to the Australian Legislation Divorce or separation affected nearly half of Australia's 959,000 sole-parent families in 2021. The following means approximately 460,000 families dealing with single parenthood following divorce, with women accounting for the majority (83%). Australian law, mainly the Family Law Act 1975, usually...
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13 Oct 2020

What Are The Effects Of Changing The Nature Of Parental Responsibility On The Life Of A Child?

By law, there are some defined duties, powers, authority and responsibilities of parents for their children. These are known as parental responsibility. The responsibilities...
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