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28 Mar 2024

A Complete Guide for Managing Spousal Support in Australia

Recognising spousal support in Australia, or spouse maintenance, involves comprehending one spouse's financial support for the other after separation or divorce. Section 75 (2) of the Family Law Act (1975) needs both parties to keep a rational standard of living after a divorce, and this economic backing plays a vital role in linking that crack. It's crucial to comprehend the process involved in calculating spousal maintenance QLD, applying for spousal maintenance, and how long spousal support lasts in Australia to effectively manage the financial aspects of a separation. To better comprehend the requirements for obtaining this spousal support, we will...
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27 Nov 2023

Navigating the Path to Amicable Divorce: Unveiling the Expertise of Family Lawyers in Mackay for Joint Divorce Applications

Divorce is undoubtedly one of life's most challenging experiences, but with the right guidance, it can be navigated amicably. In Mackay, Family Lawyers stand...
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21 Nov 2023

Can the Family Courts determine polyamorous relationships In Australia?

In recent years, the concept of relationships has evolved significantly, moving beyond the traditional boundaries of monogamy. Australia, like many other countries, has seen...
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11 Aug 2023

Navigating Family Law Court Mackay in QLD: Insights from Expert Family Solicitors

If you're facing a legal issue affecting your family, seeking advice from experienced family solicitors is crucial. These professionals can guide you through managing...
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25 Aug 2020

Working of Spousal Maintenance in Australia

People might ask "what is spousal maintenance?", the answer is quite simple: it is a financial assistance given by one ex-partner to the other...
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