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Shahid Masud
Shahid Masud
03:27 22 May 22
Initial consultation was professional and clear guidance about the process 👌 also very honest with costs estimates. Overall i found helpful.
Tanya Szepanowski
Tanya Szepanowski
06:40 01 Mar 22
Family lawyers Mackay and in particular Elise Foote have represented me for a number of years through my divorce and parenting plan process. Finalising these matters have at times being extremely difficult and trying. However Elise's knowledge in family law, support and empathy was unwavering. Her professionalism and compassion allowed me to remain focused on the importance of my goals and what is best for my children and our future. I can't thank Elise and Family Lawyers Mackay enough for everything they have done.
Ellen Greyvensteyn
Ellen Greyvensteyn
20:40 22 Feb 22
WHEN LIFE HAPPENSa Great thanks to the team at Family Lawyers Mackayfor assisting me when Life came to a sudden stop.They have not sugar coat the the process. "There is no such thing as a winner in a Family separation" , but brought it into perspective for me.Together we had a fair outcome, and fair is the cornerstone to rebuild one's life!One can not ask for more than that.
04:39 04 Nov 21
If you are a male do not use Family Lawyers Mackay. Was with them for 1 year and went no where. Would not even give me advice when I asked. They disgust me just to think off them. What a waste of $4000 and my time. Do not use these lazy lawyers. Worst in Mackay, when they are hear. They are Brisbane based. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE.
Suzie McDermott
Suzie McDermott
03:53 12 Apr 21
Free 20 minute initial consultation. Recommended not to go ahead with a family matter. They were honest with costs upfront if I should proceed. Well done & Thank You
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