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At Family Lawyers Mackay we only work in the area of family law. We are leading family lawyers in Mackay with the experience, the skill and the dedication to make sure you are guided and supported through the conflict,  separation and divorce process of your broken relationship. We have Accredited Specialist Family Lawyers and Pre-Nuptial Agreement Lawyers standing-by available to help you with any Binding Financial Agreements or applications in a case.

The Local Mackay Family Law Team.

Our team is headed by an Accredited Specialist in Family Law (Mr. Ian Field) and reinforced with Elise Foote a dedicated family lawyer, and so you can be certain we will always provide you with the skill and expertise you require in these most difficult times during separation & divorce. Click on the highlighted links to read more about Our Services or Contact Us for Your Free 20-minute Consultation with Family Lawyers Mackay.

Our emphasis, above all else, is on providing you with the family law advice you are seeking in a down-to-earth, straightforward manner you can understand. You will get the personalised friendly service that only our boutique, specialist family law firm in Mackay can offer.

Family Lawyers Mackay. Your local solution.

Our clients come from all walks of life and are from all over Mackay, Proserpine, AndergroveBeaconsfieldBlacks BeachBucasiaCremorneDolphin HeadsEimeoErakalaFouldenGlenellaMackay Harbour, Mount PleasantNindarooOoraleaPaget, Racecourse, Richmond, Rural View, Shoal Point, Slade Point, Te Kowai, QLD, interstate and overseas.

At Mackay Family Lawyers we are locals. Just like you. We understand the lay of the land and cover a very wide area in every direction.

We’ve had clients from far and near including Sarina, Marian, Mirani, Mount Pleasant, Walkerston, Midge Point, Ball Bay, Seaforth, Koumala, Habana and all the way to the mining basin out West in townships like Moura, Moranbah, Collinsville, Dysart, Middlemount, Blackwater, Glenden, Capella and Tieri.

We also service areas up further North (Whitsunday Region) – we even offer Proserpine and Airlie Beach family lawyers. Convenience to the max for those who live or work remotely.

Family Lawyers Mackay is proudly partnered with class-leading Brisbane, and Mackay Law Firms, Aylward Game Solicitors, and Barron & Allen Lawyers.

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Practice Areas

Family Lawyers Mackay is a boutique family law firm conveniently located in Mackay, QLD. At Family Lawyers Mackay you will get the skill and expertise available at some of the larger city firms without the inflated fees charged to cover the high city costs. We are a unique, family law focussed firm, so you can be confident we will come to know you as a person and not a number. Our team consists of Australian Family Lawyers who are Accredited Family Lawyers.

divorce property settlement

Divorce means formally ending a marriage.

Australia has a “no fault” divorce system (which means that it is not necessary to prove some sort of wrongful action or circumstance to obtain a divorce). Instead, all that needs to be proven is that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. In this event, a settlement should be reached to divide the jointly earned assets in a pool such that neither party is disadvantaged.


Most of the time, child support is assessed and collected through a Government body known as Child Support, Department of Human Services (formerly known as the Child Support Agency). Often the administrative assessment will not be appropriate to a family’s circumstances, and so further steps need to be taken. This is where a strong representation by a competent family lawyer in Mackay is critical.

Separation and Divorce

Lots of couples separate amicably and can agree on what they wish to happen in relation to a distribution of the asset pool (property settlement) and if there are children, the arrangements which they wish to put in place for the children’s future. For those that cannot, the Family Law Courts are the only solution.


De Facto Couples

More stringent definitions of ‘de facto’ mean that couples may unknowingly fall into a relationship without direct consent — something that has legal and financial consequences for the unwary. If you separate, your ex-partner may be able to claim a portion of your assets. Negotiating this settlement can add to the emotional trauma of the actual separation.

Parties will generally have the same rights as a married couple under the Family Law Act.  Find out where you stand by contacting a competent and experienced family lawyer today.


Same sex Couples

In the past, same-sex couples have often faced a level of discrimination in legal recognition of their relationships. This significantly affected their financial and parental rights as well as the ability to enforce those rights at law.

The good news for same-sex couples, however, is that this problem is gradually changing. Although same-sex marriages are not yet fully recognised, changes to Commonwealth and States laws are finally giving couples similar rights to those who are in a more traditional married relationship.

Grandparents and Extended Family

With combined experience in family law of over 50 years, Family Lawyers Mackay can guide you through to the other side of separation, divorce, and family law disputes relating to grandparents or other close family members.

The family law recognises your important rights to spend time with and care for your grandchildren or close relatives and this extends to other significant family members. Our lawyers are highly experienced in this field and can offer a range of advice to help you achieve your goals.


Spousal maintenance is the responsibility that you (or your ex-partner) may have to financially support the other party after separation or divorce. Under Queensland Family Law rules, de facto partners may have no right to maintenance if separation occurred before March 1, 2009. This is not the case if separation occurred after this date. Future needs can be considered when the property pool is divided, however, the family law courts typically require that you endeavor to resolve disputes outside of court. Mackay Family Lawyers can assist with many aspects of dispute resolution. If you cannot agree on common grounds then you can apply to the court for a financial order.

Surrogacy Law QLD

The Surrogacy Act 2010 (Qld) became operative on 1 June 2010 and regulates surrogacy agreements in Queensland. This law permits surrogacy arrangements provided they are not for commercial purposes.

Several questions are critical to the viability of a surrogacy agreement and we can help to answer in a resolute and steadfast manner.


What is domestic violence and family violence?

Domestic and family violence involves one person in a relationship using violence or abuse to maintain power and control over the other party in the relationship. It is normally an ongoing pattern of behavior aimed at controlling the other person through fear.

Avoid the legal consequences and seek representation to avoid complications.

What is a parenting order?

A parenting order is a set of orders made by a court about parenting arrangements for a child or children. A court can make a parenting order based on an agreement between the parties (consent orders) or after a court hearing or trial. When a parenting order is made, each person affected by the order must follow it or face still penalties.

Avoid the legal consequences and seek representation to avoid complications.


Why Us?

We focus on building relationships and our single line commitment is to help our clients succeed in their endeavors by offering honest, no bull advice. This approach has allowed us to build on a solid platform and our proven track-record is unmatched in Mackay.

When it comes to choosing your legal support, size doesn’t always matter. In fact, we’re a small and dynamic company of lawyers that pack a mighty punch. We’ve appeared in Courts all over Australia and handle matters of all levels in complexity within QLD.

Our team members are diligent when it comes to customer service. Not only do we posess the knowledge to guide your matter, we have the servitude to ensure the pressure is taken away from you as much as possible. Rest easy.

Our lawyers have practiced family law in QLD for a combined total of over 50 years and we’re accustomed to working with local and foreign-based clients. We handle matters in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Law Court in QLD.

We’re winning the game of hearts and have proudly assisted to mediate and resolve hundreds of Mackay based matters using our proven and unique approach to family law. No matter if your issue is simple or highly complex, we can help you find your optimal strategy and result.


Family Lawyers Mackay is a local family law firm with a large scope and with a passion for helping you reach a resolution in a wide range of family law matters. We are dedicated toward reaching a fast settlement and avoiding court where possible, via a thorough mediation process.

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If your immediate future depends on performance, then look no further than Family Lawyers Mackay for resolute and effective legal counsel on a wide range of family law and property settlement matters.

Our family law services cater to a wide range of matters including separation & divorce, child custody, de facto advice and even spousal maintenance or property disputes. We are the experts in our field and have worked with Mackay locals on a diverse set of matter types.

Trusting a serious legal issue with anyone other than a highly experienced family lawyer in Mackay can jeopardise your future, as well as that of your loved ones. Don’t settle for a lawyer without experience, trust a lawyer at the top of their game. Trust Mackay Family Lawyers.

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