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7 Jun 2024

How Do You Get Parental Rights in Australia? Everything You Need to Know

Parental rights are a primary factor in raising children and ensuring their welfare. But how do you get parental rights in Australia? Managing the complexity of parental rights can be difficult. Whether you want sole parental responsibility or want to understand the fundamentals, this guide aims to help you. We'll review everything from the fundamental concepts to the exact measures you must take to make the complex field of parental law accessible. Your Parental Rights As a parent, you have rights. The legislation allows parents to raise their children based on their values and views. Religion, education, discipline, medical care,...
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13 Sep 2022

Child Custody Law in Australia

Divorce has a direct effect on children. They have to live with either one of them. When the parents are together, they raise their...
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13 Oct 2020

What Are The Effects Of Changing The Nature Of Parental Responsibility On The Life Of A Child?

By law, there are some defined duties, powers, authority and responsibilities of parents for their children. These are known as parental responsibility. The responsibilities...
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4 Nov 2019

Parental Responsibility – What is equal shared parenting?

Being a parent is hard work! One is expected to be responsible for a child’s wellbeing, education, development, security, and safety. This is your...
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