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With the continued uncertainty and while disruption to our daily lives continues here in Mackay, we are each in a position to do our part to help contain the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us to question, how and when do we get back to normal? The answer in many situations is not when we get back to normal but rather how to create a new normal using virtual legal services.

As part of our contingency plan, Family Lawyers Mackay has implemented various measures that will enable a safer work environment for our staff and clients.

We’d like to say it’s ‘Business as Normal’, except with a twist.

Firstly, if Australia follows-suit of the UK and USA, then the Courts are in-line for a shut down that would see matters delisted and rescheduled for a later time, or a move to telephone hearings only. For the next few weeks, we understand that the Courts will be using telephone hearings exclusively.  Mediations and arbitrations are still possible and we remain keen to encourage parties to avoid the Courts and use this approach in the interests of expediting the matter for all parties.

We will be keeping everyone informed as to the latest information we have available regarding the Court schedule. We expect there to be some changes as the situation evolves.


We want all Australians to keep sharing good times and feel safe during this period. We know the country may depend on legal services in this period and we want to assure you of that, through the steps we are taking.

We have been using remote appointment technology for a long time. A “CONTACTLESS LEGAL DELIVERY SERVICE” option is available for anyone who may be self-isolating or wishing to take extra precautions. Family Lawyers Mackay is fully set up to communicate remotely and (if required). All you need is a phone or any device connected to the internet. Meeting face to face remains possible thanks to modern technology, especially at Family Lawyers Mackay.

Family Lawyers Mackay is part of a state-wide family of companies, operating in a range of diverse communities, and we are working with our colleagues around QLD to share best practices for the well-being of our clients, our legal teams, our staff, and our firm.

We have implemented global best practices to further ensure you enjoy convenient and astute legal services with the confidence we are doing our best for our customers and the community at large.

Our Firm’s office location in Central Mackay CBD will allow clients to safely conduct meetings without direct contact with other parties if desired. Our boardroom features state-of-art sound and visual equipment with high-speed internet.

All government regulations are being followed as they come through for COVID-19 and we have reinforced our good hygiene practices including thorough hand washing and sanitising at all of our offices. We are lucky enough to have our premises away from the hustle and bustle of skyscrapers or heavily trafficked environments.

Once again, if you would like to speak with a lawyer, we encourage you to book a free 20-minute case evaluation and this can be handled remotely (ie on phone or via video call), and we look forward to continuing to provide our important service to the community.

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Finally, please remember to whitelist our email address to stay abreast of the news we will be publishing more frequently in relation to topical matters in our wheelhouse.

Above all, we look forward to being here in support of you over the coming years and keeping you Ahead of the Game during this current situation, and into the distant future.

Yours Sincerely,

Family Lawyers

Ian Field

Director, Accredited Specialist in Family Law

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