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04 Dec 2018

Important Considerations for Choosing A Family Lawyer Mackay

By Family Lawyers Mackay, 04 Dec 2018
Family Law, Legal Help, Tips & Tricks

Divorces are complex by nature, and most people facing a separation or divorce have no idea how to deal with the situation ahead let alone know where to start choosing a family lawyer.

What DOES make a big impact on the legal case is the choice of a divorce lawyer. You have to find a lawyer who is not only available to take the case but also has the necessary experience and expertise.

Most importantly, choosing a family lawyer with a good reputation can make all the difference. They’ve earned this by doing a good job for other people. Experience counts when it comes to choosing a family lawyer.

Evaluate your concerns

When a couple decides to separate or divorce, a lot of relevant and mutual aspects must be settled. Assets must be dissolved and issues such as alimony must be agreed upon. If there is a child involved, things can become even more complicated because custody battles in the court often run for an extended period. It is important to start by understanding the current situation and your immediate concerns and expected outcomes.

Before you first see a lawyer, you need to know what you expect to achieve. Many people take advantage of a free initial consultation, to understand their possible options, while others prefer the lawyer to be engaged from day dot.

Don’t select the first lawyer you come across

The divorce procedure can be confusing, and many people, men, and women alike make the mistake of selecting the first family lawyer that they come across. This can be a terrible mistake. Just because a legal firm is available or offers the lowest price, doesn’t mean they are the best to suit your circumstances. You need to meet the lawyer in person or over a video conference to discuss your matter, requirements, and possible concerns. Make a choice after you have understood all the costs involved and the possible outcomes.

Let’s be real – inefficient divorce lawyers are expensive, and it should be checked that you are dealing with a competent and experienced team and leading family lawyer Mackay.

Take a referral

You want to choose the best lawyers to suit your situation so ideally, you should be talking to people who have recently got divorced. If that’s not an option, you can often find reviews on Google or other sites.

If you find a family law firm with no reviews or more than a couple of ‘negatives’ then keep on looking.


By consulting one of our accredited family law mackay specialists.

Bigger isn’t always better

Some family law firms have a bloated staff and give the impression that ‘size matters’. This is not always the case and sometimes firms can become too big to care about the smaller details. Find a family law firm that is big enough to impact on the important issues, but small enough to care about you and your personal situation.

Insist on a personal meeting

Some divorce lawyers have an option to charge for initial advice meetings and that money can be worth paying if you want to seek clarity on your circumstances and not just general advice. To appreciate what a lawyer can do, you need to understand their perspective on your case as this can offer an insight into how things may shape up at Court. Remember: Your lawyer’s primary job is to advocate for your interests, and for that, they need to have the time and experience to understand your expectations.

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