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parenting decision checklist
20 Nov 2018

The parenting decision-making checklist

By Family Lawyers Mackay, 20 Nov 2018
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This is a list of decisions you may need to make with the other parent. Considering these will make life easier for you and your children. Be flexible and keep your child’s interests in mind. The following is a checklist of possible matters you might want to consider as you construct a parenting decision checklist.

Agree on the easy things first and return to the hard ones later. Good luck!

The parenting decision-making checklistWhere will the children live?

‰ Weekdays

‰ Weekends

‰ Nights/days

‰ Public holidays

‰ During school terms

‰ During school holidays

‰ Over Christmas and other special days

‰ If you are sick

‰ If your child is sick

Use diaries to record decisions and be specific about dates and periods of time.

How will you arrange it?

‰ Pickups and drop-offs

‰ Birthdays or other cultural/religious events

‰ Attendance at special events like school sports day. Can you both go?

‰ Contact with grandparents and any other extended family

‰ Contact and overnight stays with the children’s friends

‰ Calls/emails from one parent while the child is with their other parent

‰ Transport arrangements: between homes/ to school/ dance/ sport etc.

‰ Child support


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Where will they attend?

‰ School

‰ Church/ mosque/ temple/ synagogue or other spiritual/ religious place

‰ Other activities

Review your arrangements occasionally. Don’t set them in concrete. Agree on a period of notice if you want to change contact arrangements.

Between you and their other parent: Who will pay for the kids…?

‰ Transport between your homes

‰ Local taxis/buses/trains

‰ Clothing

‰ Health care/health insurance/dentist and orthodontist/ glasses/ contact lenses/ counseling, etc.

‰ Childcare

‰ School fees/tuition/books

‰ Extracurricular activities/excursions/ socials/ pocket money

‰ Long-distance transport. Airfares/ trains/ buses

‰ Other expenses

How will you share information?

‰ School communications/reports/photos

‰ Medical records including details of any medication

‰ Information on visits to doctor/dentist/counsellors etc.

‰ Information on important events: sporting/ religious/ special activities/ news of extended family etc.

Try to agree:

‰ To share phone numbers in case you need to contact children.

‰ To inform the other parent about any changes to important phone

‰ How to make changes to any of these arrangements.

‰ To work towards a consistent approach to discipline.

Can you agree not to:

‰ Put the other parent down to the children.

‰ Make big changes like moving house, changing schools without prior

‰ Plan activities during their other parent’s time.

‰ Make decisions that have important cultural or religious implications.

‰ Argue in front of the kids.


By consulting one of our accredited family law mackay specialists.

Of course, this Parenting decision-making checklist is not exhaustive and there will always be unique circumstances for every family. It is important to consider all of the options that may affect a child’s life so that everyone can be in agreeance (or at least consider) the circumstances of each other.

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