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06 Feb 2023

Stop Wasting Money On Cheap Family Lawyers

By Family Lawyers Mackay, 06 Feb 2023
Family Law

We often hear that clients and potential clients would prefer to not “waste money” on cheap family lawyers when there has been a family breakdown, separation, or dispute.

Whilst that is in some respects an understandable sentiment (because who wants to waste money on anything, right?). There are, however, a number of reasons why that might not necessarily always be the correct assumption when engaging an experienced family lawyer.

The reasons to engage an experienced family lawyer to vary. It could be for legal advice, representation in court, or help with negotiation in difficult times.

Getting a new family lawyer is not easy, especially if you don’t know anything about the legal field. Here are some of the reasons to engage an experienced family lawyer:

  • They’re more experienced and knowledgeable about family law than someone who is just starting out.
  • Experienced lawyers know what to expect and how to approach the situation. They’ll be able to save your family time and money in court or outside it
  • Experienced lawyers have established relationships with judges, caseworkers, consultants, and other professionals. This will make negotiating much easier.
  • Experienced lawyers have more resources available for your case, such as private investigators or forensic accountants for complex cases that can be sent over to them in case of law enforcement action

To understand some of the reasons to engage an experienced family lawyer, let’s first consider some of the reasons why people may wish to avoid it.

Ending arguments.

Sometimes one person attempts to insist on that approach because they are seeking to put pressure on the other person to accept a particular outcome, and they don’t want any challenge to what might be an unsuitable outcome. Another concern that we hear is that engaging lawyers inevitably means that there will be an argument that will end up in Family Law Court. That depends on the lawyer and the client. Our team of Mackay Family Lawyers at Family Lawyers Mackay will help you to stay out of the Court if that is possible.

Different mistakes.

At other times not obtaining legal advice can be a mistake for different reasons. There may be legal consequences that you are simply not aware of. There may be some alternative options or possibilities that you simply are not aware of, and an experienced and skilled family lawyer may be able to assist you to develop some other alternative outcomes. There are sometimes tax or duty exemptions that you may be able to take advantage of. Cheap family lawyers simply have no experience in this area.

In other situations, the family breakdown can be a highly emotional and distressing time. A good family lawyer can provide you with impartial and dispassionate advice that may help you to avoid making emotionally charged or hasty decisions that you will later come to regret.


By consulting one of our accredited family law mackay specialists.

At Family Lawyers Mackay we priorities providing sensible, practical advice, with a focus on seeking a negotiated, agreed resolution wherever possible. Rather than keeping the lawyers out of the picture altogether, we prefer to think it would be better to keep the wrong lawyers out of the picture. Rather than wasting money on the wrong advice, or missing out on entitlements, the right advice would give you, to invest in an experienced, practical family lawyer. 

To book an initial consultation with one of our family lawyers, call, us at (07) 4847 0198

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