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love and marriage fall apart

Love and Marriage – What happens when it all falls apart?

The world is full of people who have different concepts and thought processes around what love is, and what it means to have a special and committed relationship. But what happens when love and marriage fall apart?

What is a Legally Committed Intimate Relationship?

Much like a common-law marriage, which is a legal status given to parties living in a relationship similar to marriage but without a formal ceremony or marriage certificate, committed intimate relationships also recognise the importance of long-term, committed, intimate relationships sustained between two unmarried people.

What is Marriage?

Marriage is an official tie-up between two people to spend the rest of their life together.

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People of different religions make this bond in different styles but the legalities, under Australian law, remains the same

Do Love and Marriage Run Simultaneously?

Not always. There are different thoughts about marriage and love. Some people will say that love is not required to stay together (many times for the benefit of kids). Many people make the conclusion that if you love a person (and find a soulmate in your partner) then marriage is a requirement. Also not always the case. 

At times, committing to your partner is a way to make your bond stronger. Do you know why people say love and marriage goes together like a horse and carriage? Because if you are in love with a person, then marriage can be a good way to start to plan your future life together. 

What Happens when things go Wrong?

Despite the strongest love, life can change in mysterious ways. In this situation, there can be a breakdown in the family unit and a partnership may dissolve. This calls for an amicable, and legal separation that is fair to all parties. This needs to be validated by a Court in most cases.

Can Family Lawyers Help?

Yes. Family lawyers serve a wide range of purposes for relationships that are in the throws of ending. A range of options may be available to all parties and experienced legal advice can make a significant difference to the case. Arming yourself with knowledge, and strong advice is critical.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Marriage and love are always going to be intertwined and this only serves to complicate the process of resolution. Early legal advice from an experienced and collaborative family lawyer will ensure all parties are given the best opportunity for fairness.

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