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Vaccinations in Mackay
14 Jan 2022

What about the kids? Family Law, Vaccinations & COVID 19 in Mackay

By Family Lawyers Mackay, 14 Jan 2022
Covid Update, Covid-19, Family Law

With the current COVID pandemic entering its third year, unsurprisingly this leads to a number of family law cases in Mackay that include COVID or the issues that arise from it as a feature.

There have already been a number of cases dealt with in the Mackay Courts where the impact of the travel restrictions that have been in place have been a significant issue. In a state as large as QLD and a country as large as Australia it is perhaps inevitable that travel restrictions would result in family law issues arising as a consequence.

The issue of vaccination, or more particularly whether or not a child should receive a vaccination, is likely to become a more significant question before the Mackay Courts as COVID vaccinations are now available for children at a younger age.

It has been long established in case authority decided before anyone had heard of COVID 19 that the Court has the authority to decide the question of whether a child should receive a vaccination if the parents do not agree. If there is a disagreement between parents about this question, as with most issues regarding parenting, the Court can make a decision.

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