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4 Oct 2018

Take Care After Separation and Divorce

Taking Care of yourself after Separation and Divorce. Major changes in relationships, such as separation and divorce can be a trigger for depression after separation and divorce. That's why it's important to consider the mental health impacts of such circumstances to avoid more significant problems in the future including: The risks and impact of depression on separating parents The importance of looking after yourself Where to go for help. Separation can be a tough time. Parents who are separating face big challenges in their life, such as: Moving houses Spending more or less time with their children Feeling lonely or...
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25 Sep 2018

Separation & Stress: What Can You Do?

Separation is a difficult time and it is very normal to feel stressed and upset. Separation & Stress go hand in hand. Finding ways...
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21 Sep 2018

Family Lawyers Mackay Specialise In The Resolution Of Complex Family Law Matters

At Family Lawyers Mackay, we are dedicated to resolving complex family law matters with expertise and compassion. Whether it's navigating through marriage breakdowns, de...
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28 Aug 2018

Do I Have To Move Out To File for Divorce?

This is a prevalent question and a natural thought if you are considering or planning to divorce your spouse. In some circumstances, where the...
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27 Aug 2018

When is Child Support Applicable and What Does It Cover?

The financial well-being of the children is always of the highest consideration when couples separate or divorce. If one parent has custody of the...
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23 Aug 2018

New Family Law Firm opens its doors in Mackay

Barron & Allen Lawyers Mackay has teamed up with Brisbane Lawyers Ian Field and Mark Game from Aylward Game Solicitors to establish a new...
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