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28 Sep 2022

Family Law & De Facto Relationships

Introduction You might be living with your partner in a cheerful relationship without any bindings or obligations of a formal marriage commitment. Or you might be in a relationship but living in separate homes and thinking you don’t owe anything to your partner in either case. Think again! Under Australian Family Law, where you aren’t married or not living together, doesn’t essentially mean that “what’s yours is yours”. Under Australian Law, separating de facto relationships have substantially the same rights and liabilities as those of married couples with regard to property settlements. This includes claims for spousal maintenance and superannuation...
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30 Aug 2022

Top Ten Issues You Need To Know About Family Law Litigation

What is Family Law Litigation? Family Law Litigation means pursuing legal action. This involves initiating the court process, submitting several legal forms, and then...
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20 Sep 2019

Love and Marriage – What happens when it all falls apart?

The world is full of people who have different concepts and thought processes around what love is, and what it means to have a...
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27 Aug 2019

5 Tips For When You First Meet With Your Divorce Lawyer in Mackay

Finding the best Divorce lawyer in Mackay to understand and handle your situation and plans for the future, particularly regarding plans on divorce, can...
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4 Dec 2018

Important Considerations for Choosing A Family Lawyer Mackay

Divorces are complex by nature, and most people facing a separation or divorce have no idea how to deal with the situation ahead let...
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20 Nov 2018

The parenting decision-making checklist

This is a list of decisions you may need to make with the other parent. Considering these will make life easier for you and...
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30 Oct 2018

What areas do we service?

At Mackay Family Lawyers we are locals. Just like you. We understand the lay of the land and cover a very wide area in...
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26 Oct 2018

Big Week @ Mackay Court House

Are you involved in a legal case in Mackay? Then you might want to mark your calendar for the Big Week at the Mackay...
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24 Oct 2018

Dealing With Emotions In A Difficult Separation

Difficult Separation and Emotions Separation is not a single event. It can take place over months or years and is often an emotional roller...
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16 Oct 2018

How To Keep Contact Alive Between You & Your Child

Keep Contact Alive: I realise I don't know my kids as well as I thought! Separation often means you have to parent one-on-one for...
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