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20 Mar 2019

Family Law Help: Planning time together

Make your arrangements well ahead of time. You and your kids will enjoy making plans together. It also keeps things clear with their other parent. If you are low-income, our Free Initial Consultation Family Law service is available to take care of your legal rights in matters of Child Custody and Support, Restraining Orders, and Divorce including spousal support and division of marital property, homes, and retirement plans. Budget your Time What will you need to do to budget for your time together? Consider the safety of travel arrangements when your children travel to see you: Can someone travel with...
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5 Mar 2019

Farming Stress

Sadly, our friends, family, and clients who reside and work in distant, rural and remote communities are often forced to deal with additional hardships...
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27 Feb 2019

Top 10 Family Law Questions in Mackay

We deliver to you the Top 10 Family Law Questions asked to us by our clients in Mackay. 1. What is a Legal Separation...
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19 Feb 2019

What are Family Law Contraventions and Breach of Orders

There is little that is more frustrating than receiving Final Court Orders about child support or parenting arrangements, only to have the other parent...
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18 Jan 2019

Family Lawyers Mackay: Gladiators of the Family Court in Mackay

When do you turn to the Family Court in Mackay? Are you in a situation where your life is turning into a nightmare because...
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9 Jan 2019

How To Deal With Your Ex: Effective Communication

Where do you start with how to deal with your ex? Dealing with your ex can be improved with two words: Effective Communication. Children benefit...
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3 Jan 2019

Representing Yourself in Family Court Hearing? Think Twice!

Thinking about representing yourself in a family court hearing? Think twice before making this mistake. If a family law problem impacts you or your...
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17 Dec 2018

How to Parent From A Distance in 2019

Divorce, separation, and work mean that many parents don’t get to see and hug their kids as much as they would like to. Whatever...
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4 Dec 2018

Important Considerations for Choosing A Family Lawyer Mackay

Divorces are complex by nature, and most people facing a separation or divorce have no idea how to deal with the situation ahead let...
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20 Nov 2018

The parenting decision-making checklist

This is a list of decisions you may need to make with the other parent. Considering these will make life easier for you and...
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